Your Hologram in WebAR

Introducing Sense XR, the most intuitive tool to build, view, and share WebAR Hologram experiences.

Create Hologram Experiences

Sense XR was designed with creatives in mind. It is an intuitive solution for the creation of immersive experiences using holograms and 3D animations — no complex coding required.


It is the fastest and most intuitive non linear editor for volumetric video and sequential 3D data. Use assets from your favorite capture solutions and edit, mix, and synchronize them with audio and 3D animations.


With the push of a button, your hologram is now in WebAR. Just send the link or a QR code that lets anyone view your creation in augmented reality, both in Android and iOS — no downloading necessary.

Your Hologram Everywhere

Sense XR allows you to easily publish hologram experiences directly to WebAR and the Web. Your viewers will enjoy your hologram experiences smoothly through our native adaptive streaming and WebAR SLAM technology.


With the Holograms in your Hologram Library, build your immersive experience by choosing how you want them to interact together. Customize your WebAR experience by adding images, logos, links, 3D objects and more.


Sense XR has one of the best compression systems available, making your experience run fluently in mobile devices. It’s the only WebAR player with native adaptive streaming, see your holograms in the highest quality according to your connection speed.

Choose your Plan

Get access to all the Features with our Pro version. Or expand your limits, self-host, get access to our web API or connect it to your own systems and pipeline with our Enterprise Plan.

Supported Formats and Partners


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We are creating something new so you can do it too

We are creating something new so you can do it too

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