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Introducing Sense XR, the most intuitive tool to build, view, and share WebAR Hologram experiences.

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Your Holograms, Everywhere

Sense XR was designed with creatives in mind. It is an intuitive solution for creating hologram experiences and publishing them directly to the Web and WebAR.


From volumetric videos to 3D scans, from photogrammetry to 3D models. Easily mix, edit and synchronize your data using Sense XR and customize your WebAR experience with our Web Editor, adding images, logos, external links, and more.


Publish your hologram to WebAR with a single click. With a strong compression system and the native adaptive streaming of our WebAR player, your experience will run fluently in Android and iOS with 4G, Wi-Fi or 5G. No downloading apps necessary.

Know Your Audience

Get detailed Analytics for your Web and WebAR projects — knowing your audience and how they interact with your content is essential for telling your story.


Once you publish your WebAR project, you will get a detailed analytics report and a dashboard for you to follow the number of views, dwell time, location, and interactivity patterns of your viewers.


Pay as you go and choose a cap on the number of views and streaming costs. Make complete white-label experiences with custom URLs and holograms that you can embed in your website or platform.

Choose your Plan

Get access to all the Features with our Pro version. Or expand your limits, self-host, get access to our web API or connect it to your own systems and pipeline with our Enterprise Plan.


“Sense of Space is creating both the tools and distribution pipeline that has the capability to accelerate consumer use and demand for volumetric video. Allowing creative teams an affordable platform to explore and experiment with volumetric video and expand content applications. Basically, they are providing the right tools at the right time.”

Eric Weymueller

Founder, zyntroPICS

“Sense XR is the latest tool in the digital media creator’s tool kit, streamlining the process of publishing volumetric capture assets to the web for AR viewing. Their editor and streaming capabilities are intuitive and powerful, enabling live-action holographic performances to be shared frictionless via the web to viewers across the globe. We are so excited to see this new platform hit the map and look forward to all of the incredible content it will enable.”

Skylar Sweetman

Head of Production, Metastage

“These guys just get it…They get what it takes regarding every aspect of our ongoing partnership. From pricing to execution, from technology to product roadmap. Sense of Space live and breathe volumetric content, and are cleverly placing themselves as dominant players in this exciting emerging field.”

Addie Reiss

Chief Content Creation, Digital Nation Entertainment

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