Holograms on the Web, WebXR or anywhere!

Sense of Space offers the most efficient cloud-based compression API and content creation tools for the future of volumetric videos and WebXR.

Hologram Editing and Publishing

Sense XR Studio has been designed to equip creatives with an intuitive and fast solution for the creation of immersive experiences using Holograms for the Web and other Platforms.

Fast & Easy

Intuitive UI & UX, edit your hologram sequences using any input. Mix captures together, edit and synchronise, including audio and regular 3D models.

Create & Share

Publish to the Web and WebAR with a single-click, hassle free. Or export to Game Engines and other platforms and formats.

Hologram Cloud-Conversion

Sense XR API makes it possible to easily publish holograms directly to the Web and WebAR, without having to change your existing 3D reconstruction pipeline or by simply uploading your files.


No need for downloading software or apps, it all works on the cloud, fast and automated. Connect to your own pipeline or simply upload your files.

Multiple Integrations

Integrate the converted data into your favourite tools and platforms, being that a high-end game engine or a simple e-commerce platform.

Supported Formats and Partners


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