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Full-Stack Software Developer



Sense of Space is looking for a talented and proactive Full-Stack Software Developer to join the company. We are looking for a talented individual who is able to solve complex problems creatively and learn new technologies fast without much guidance. If you embrace challenges in the context of cloud computing, complex systems spanning from web front-end to cloud backend, you are our candidate.

Sense of Space, a Helsinki-based company, is dedicated to making intuitive and accessible content creation and streaming tools for volumetric video-based holograms. We are specialized in developing editing tools, cloud-based compression and streaming systems and WebAR technologies. Our products allow digital creators to adopt volumetric video holograms and 3D technologies regardless of their technical knowledge.

Remote work position.


What we offer:

  • Interesting work!
  • Possibility to grow with the company.
  • Talented and friendly coworkers.
  • Remote working and flexibility.
  • Start-up agility.


What we expect from you:

  • Drive to learn new things, willingness to enter uncharted territory.
  • Good amount of experience with at least JavaScript (browser and NodeJS). Frictionless communication.
  • Good understanding of basic software engineering and practical experience on:

– Coding, software design and microservice architecture.

– Data structures and algorithms.

– Testing, version control.

– Agile methodologies.

  • Experience with at least a few of the following:

– Cloud infrastructure.

– Full-stack development.

– UX development.

  • Analytical thinking.


Nice to have, a huge plus

  • C/C++ and/or python.
  • 3D graphics (web and/or desktop).
  • Geometric data processing.
  • Applied mathematics (AI/ML/statistics/computer vision/algebra).
  • AR/VR/XR.
  • ThreeJS, A-Frame.
  • Game Engines (Unity/UE4/PlayCanvas/others).


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