Since 2019, we’ve been building something new. And it’s safe to say that it’s new to everyone, including ourselves. That’s why we love it!

 By Raquel Cardoso, co-founder.


“I didn’t really know that volumetric video was a thing until I found Sense of Space. It’s quite new for me”, says Aart, one of our incredible developers. When Victor, our founder, shared with me his desire of starting a company, it was the very first time I heard about volumetric video as well. I really had no idea about what I was getting into, but it did sound incredibly exciting, so I jumped in. That’s what happened to all of us, and Oliver, our COO, summarizes it well: “I wasn’t very familiar with volumetric video before I started. It was a new thing, and what drew me into it was the innovation, doing something completely new.”


Besides volumetric video in itself being a novelty to five of the six of us, creating what we are creating forces us to blindingly touch what is new every single day. “It’s exciting to work with this technology, it’s nice to see new things coming up in the industry, but it’s also nice that there are so many things that haven’t been done yet. A lot of programming work usually ends up being redoing what has already been done before, but right now, we are really doing new things,” says Arnau, our developer and knower of all game engine things. Victor complements, “In our case, we are doing something that nobody has ever done, so it’s way more complicated because we have no answers. We can’t even talk to someone, because other people never did what we are doing. We are working on the very fringe of what has already been done. We don’t have answers, we don’t know what works and what doesn’t before we test it. Our gut feeling is what guides us.”

Sense XR Beta, available right now!
Sample Capture feature in this article by 4D Views.

Editing a Hologram with Sense XR feels just like editing a regular 2D video.

This ongoing creative process shows in our history. We are about to release something that changed in many ways during its growing process. “I think none of us really knew what we were doing on the technology side, because we can see how much the things we did changed. We started totally focused on editing, and now we are going more towards web streaming,” says Aart. But our core objective, the reason why we all got together to make something new, is still the same. “The problem we want to solve,” explains Oliver, “is making volumetric content available to a much broader group. Once the content is captured, making sure that it can be experienced and enjoyed by as many people as possible in the easiest possible way. With WebAR, we are making hologram experiences consumable instantly, by billions of people. So we really are bringing this new form of media to a crowd in an incredibly easy way. What we are doing now is to let everybody in.”

Tuomo, our miracle-maker CTO, shares his vision of why the wider adoption of this technology is gonna change things, “The most fascinating thing about volumetric video is that it’s the next thing for merging the real world and the virtual world. The whole idea is that you get things from the real world and put them in the virtual world, and you get the virtual stuff into the real world. You want to have people, animals, all the real things in the virtual space, and to do that, you need to use volumetric video.” “It’s a completely new way to put someone in a virtual world, not being an avatar. Avatars are not really us. They might look like us, but they are not us. Holograms are. We don’t simulate people, we are people,” complements Victor.


So here we are, about to release our new tool. The very thing that connected 6 different people living in 4 different countries, and made us try something new every single day. We want you to create something with what we made for you, and through your experience of it, we will recalibrate our own creation. If you want to be a part of it before everyone else, let us know!

The hologram of a real person and a real dog.
Captured by 4D Views, WebAR by Sense of Space.