Sense of Space has its roots in the art and audiovisual world. Both founders were working with new media art, design, video, and advertising, before going deeper into immersive experiences and volumetric storytelling. So when we founded Sense of Space, we decided to start a company for other people like us. People who wanted to take part in this new way of telling stories using AR, VR, and MR, but who came from a background that was more creative than technical. People who are better at storytelling than at technological frameworks and programming.

Sense of Space started without a clear product direction, but we always knew we wanted to give the chance to create amazing immersive stories to other non-technical creatives. To us, this can only be done with volumetric video. For the very first time in history, we can actually bring reality into the virtual world, in a way that is much easier, faster, and cheaper than what we have been doing so far on the development of 3D worlds and characters. We are firm believers that this is the technology that is going to change everything in the film industry and in immersive content creation.

But there was a problem. Volumetric video and its awe-inspiring advantages were only used by people with a very technical background. To this day, volumetric video can only be edited inside overly complicated game engines, which require a steep learning curve and a good dose of coding knowledge. This is not for creatives, as we want it to be.

We looked for alternatives on the market, but there were none. So we took upon ourselves the challenge of offering a new way of creating volumetric storytelling. Sense of Space will soon be releasing the pilot version of Sense XR Studio, a volumetric video content creation software that is being designed right from the start with non-technical creatives in mind. We want to give everyone the power to create volumetric storytelling, but in a way that prioritizes the development of a good story instead of the technicalities.

If you can create and edit 2D videos, with Sense XR Studio, you can create a volumetric video experience, too. You can use the same workflows you are used to, but now you can create a more powerful experience for your audience. Interactivity is on its way as well, and soon you will be able to create branchable and interactive stories with different outcomes, in an intuitive and easy way. No coding required!

We want you to explore all the possibilities of volumetric immersive content creation. If you want to make an AR experience, you will be able to edit and sequence all your volumetric videos and add interactivity in an effortless way. Sense XR Studio will be the one-stop, storytelling-focused software for creating complete volumetric AR experiences. And, if you work with Virtual Reality, you can also export your data inside common VR content creation tools. Cloud services and WebAR will also be coming on a future update.

We sincerely hope that our fellow artists, designers, video makers, advertisers, digital journalists, and other content creators appreciate what we have been preparing for them with so much love. Volumetric storytelling is for all of us, and Sense of Space will make sure that this becomes a reality.