Sense of Space has been working with large data since the very beginning, and we’ve come to understand the challenges of creating with heavy files very well. We are developing new solutions to help creators stream big 3D data dynamically and in real time, and one way of doing it is through our new Unity Plugin.


Lighter Projects With Streamed Holograms In Unity


With our new Unity Plugin, what you export from Sense XR can now be streamed into the game engine with the use of a simple URL. This means that projects that were very heavy due to large sizes of volumetric video data can now be very small, as the holograms can be streamed straight from the SXR URL.

Once the plugin and your streamed Hologram is running inside your Unity project, you can have total control of it and change the hologram’s behavior using the Video Player component and also modify materials and shaders.

You can download the new Unity Plugin and check a Usage Guide in your Web Dashboard.

For more details, check the new documentation as well:


Build Your Hologram Project For Any Platform


With the new SXR Unity Plugin, you can build your project containing streamable holograms to any platform you may need. For Desktop applications Windows & Mac, VR experiences for Oculus Quest, or Mobile AR using Unity’s AR Foundation.

It doesn’t matter where your project will be showcased, your holograms will always be streamed to your chosen platform in the best quality possible.


Spend Less To Create More


We believe you shouldn’t spend most of your budget on streaming, so we reviewed our pricing for you. For creators who want to develop experiences using 3D formats without Sense XR Desktop Editor and without volumetric video, the best option is the SXR Web license for $100,00 per month.

For creators who want to use volumetric video or edit their content in Sense XR Desktop Editor and Unity, the best option is the SXR PRO license, which is $150,00 per month. As we know, compression is very important to make your experience run smoothly in different devices and network connections, so each minute of volumetric video compression will cost $50,00.

For those who want to have full control of their projects and export them to webAR, Unity, Unreal, or PlayCanvas, the Enterprise license is the best option. Besides the multiple integrations and plugins, Enterprise users will benefit from analytics and also white labeling of their projects, for only $500,00 per month.

For more details on pricing, including Pay-Per-View and white labeling, please check: