If you’ve tried creating hologram projects using volumetric videos, and you are not a very techie person, you know how hard it is to edit content and publish it to WebAR. Besides the technical challenges, you also need to manage different services to make it happen, because out there, you can’t compress and optimize your data in the same place you edit your content and publish it to WebAR. Working with holograms ends up being hard, expensive, and time-consuming.

That’s why we are really excited about releasing Sense XR Beta! We worked hard to develop features that we believe are gonna come in handy when you create with holograms and sequential 3D data. 

Here is what you can do today:


Intuitive Editing – Familiar workflows in a brand new tool

With Sense XR, you can edit volumetric video, 3D sequences, and audio just as you would edit a 2D video. The interface was built to be easily recognized and adopted by creators from all kinds of backgrounds, and you can do all your editing without any coding. 


Volumetric Video WebAR With A Push Of A Button – Not a coder? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

Now all users of Sense XR PRO can publish their volumetric video content to WebAR with the push of a single button. You will get a web link and a QR code that can be distributed to anyone, making your experience available to more than 3 billion people around the world.


First-rate Compression and Optimization – Smaller files means faster loading and lower costs

Hologram experiences are notoriously data-heavy, and the simple loading of an asset on your computer can cause it to crash. To prevent it from happening and to make sure you can enjoy Sense XR and its WebAR function fluidly, we developed a way of handling heavy data in a very efficient way. Our compression and optimization system allows experiences to be seen in most devices fluently, besides being a great advantage for your budget as well, as smaller files mean we can offer you lower streaming costs.



The Only WebAR Player With Native Adaptive Streaming – Stop waiting for your holograms to load with our adaptive streaming

To guarantee the very best experience for your viewers, we worked hard to bring you WebAR holograms with adaptive streaming. Through this feature, we guarantee that experiences run smoothly across different types of network connections — either 4G, WiFi, or 5G — allowing viewers to see holograms in the highest possible quality and in the most efficient way for their specific scenario. Today, Sense XR is the only WebAR player with native adaptive streaming for volumetric videos. 


SLAM technology that runs directly in the browser – All-in-one WebAR, from one provider

Sense XR offers a unique platform-independent browser-based SLAM tracking system, not requiring ARKit or ARCore to work. This means that you don’t need to choose one service for the WebAR tracking and infrastructure, and another service for compressing and streaming volumetric videos, which results in paying much higher costs. With our system, you get the best of both worlds, with all necessary infrastructure in one place and one license. 


WebAR Editor – Customize your experience directly in the web

Once you publish a hologram, you will be able to access and edit the WebAR Player. In this way, you can create a full WebAR project around your hologram using our Sense XR WebAR Editor. In the Web Editor, you can access the code behind the player and modify it to create a full WebAR experience using known frameworks like ThreeJS or A-Frame. You can upload files, images, 3D models, videos, and you can also create all the necessary user interactions for your experience.


All these features and many others can be experimented by you for free. Sign up now for your 14-day trial period of Sense XR PRO. We can’t wait to see what you will create with what we made for you! And don’t hesitate to drop us a line at contact@senseofspace.io to share your doubts and let us know how we can continue to improve Sense XR. 🙂