Our love for volumetric video is unquestionable, but we also know that not all projects require the use of holograms. So we are releasing an update that allows you to create webAR experiences using common 3D formats, with or without volumetric video. For those of you who don’t need to use holograms on your next project, you can create your webAR experience entirely on the web, no need to download and install a desktop software.


Create Everything On The Web


To try it out, just login to your Sense of Space account at senseofspace.io and click on the new menu option called “Project Library”, where you will be able to create a new project and import 3D objects that have common formats like OBJ and glTF/GLB. You can conveniently edit your webAR experience on the browser, and sharing your creation with others is as easy as always – just share a link or QR code with all!


Create With Different Formats


Your creativity can now go to many more places. Volumetric video will always be our favorite format, but sometimes we want to create something very different from reality. From now on, you can create webAR experiences with 3D objects on the following formats:


  • glTF/GLB (Highly recommended)
  • OBJ
  • FBX


Spend Less To Create More


We believe you shouldn’t spend most of your budget on streaming, so we reviewed our pricing for you. For creators who want to develop experiences using 3D formats without Sense XR Desktop Editor and without volumetric video, the best option is the SXR Web license for $100,00 per month. This license allows you to use the Sense XR Web Code Editor, it gives you 1000 free views per month, and extra views are $0,01 each.

For creators who want to use volumetric video or edit their content in Sense XR Desktop Editor and Unity, the best option is the SXR PRO license, which is $150,00 per month and gives you 1000 monthly free views. If your creation only used common 3D models, the price per extra view is $0,1, and if you add volumetric video holograms to your experience, you will pay $0,1 more for each hologram. As we know, compression is very important to make your experience run smoothly in different devices and network connections, so each minute of volumetric video compression will cost $50,00.

For those who want to have full control of their projects and export them to webAR, Unity, Unreal, or PlayCanvas, the Enterprise license is the best option. Besides the multiple integrations and plugins, Enterprise users will benefit from analytics and also white labeling of their projects, for only $500,00 per month. One white label project is already included for each month, and in case you need more white label projects, you will pay $350,00 per each new project. Pay-per-view and compression costs are the same as in the PRO license.